Welcome to Neretva – golden valley of Croatia. It’s a place where you can see and experience so much. We are Adelante, a travel agency aimed to make your Neretva experience among best things in your life. Join us and let’s make memories together.

We have all you need for a perfect vacation

Comfortable apartments

Our partner apartments are situates in small village of Komin, on the shore of Neretva river. Komin is a small picturesque place in southern Dalmatia with most of it’s houses and narrow streets preserved in a state like they were hundred of years ago. Apartments we offer you are among best ones in Komin and right in the heart of this golden valley. Wake up with the sound of silence and drink your coffee on a balcony with a river view. Then start to explore all the things you can experience in this remarkable place. Komin is just 10 minutes away from the river delta, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Croatia.


Thrilling adventures

What is a vacation without an adventure? Neretva delta offers you numerous ways to be active and explore during your stay. Best memories are not made merely swimming in the sea. Get up and explore, move, breathe… Choose the adventure that suits you best. Kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, Stand up paddling… We have it all. Adelante guarantees you best prices available. We cooperate with best adventure vendors of area to make sure you get the best possible experience.

Transfer service

Sometimes you come to foreign country without the car and you need a way to move around. If you are staying with us you don’t need to worry about expensive transport, we’ll take you wherever you want to go. We use a modern vans that can fit up to 8 persons. Daily excursion can be arranged also. Our base is situated just in the middle of famous cities of Split and Dubrovnik with each being just 2 hours of driving away. City of Mostar is also close and you’ll need just one hour to reach it.


Local gastronomy

When you visit any place you need to try some of local food specialities. Same goes for Neretva. Being a blend of a river and a sea it’s logical that a fish and sea food is being the most present. Locals have been eating fish for a centuries now and they have many different ways of preparing it. Eel is also a traditional meal that can be prepared in many ways. But not all the food comes from the sea. Neretva valley is one of the most fertile areas in Croatia so you can taste many “ground” food as well. Valley is famous for it’s mandarine plantations and many other Mediterranean fruit is domestic here. 

Intact nature

Neretva delta is largest and only true delta of Croatia. It’s a place of true natural beauty made by this remarkable river on it’s journey from source to this Delta. And it’s not just vegetation, Neretva valley is rich with life too. With more than 300 bird species, this valley is second largest living ornithological arei in Europe. Perfect for bird lovers since the birdwatching point has beed made in previous years. Neretva delta has many canals that make a real labyrinth. These canals can be toured via the traditional boat tours.